Our Services

Soil, Water & Petiole Analysis

Consultancy without proper analysis of the crop is waste of time. We are providing the Soil, Water, and Petiole analysis to the farmers. According to Soil and Water analysis, we recommended the basil dose of fertilizers to the farmers and after Petiole analysis of particular crop provide consultancy for the respective crop.

Online Nursery

Healthy seedlings are the base of higher crop production. Farmers are trying to get healthy seedlings to form their resource Nursery, but most of the time farmers are not getting the healthy seedling. At that time Fruitwala Bagayatdar provides healthy seedlings to the farmers as per their requirements and in their respective areas. This online service helped farmers to get the best seedlings from the best Nursery in Maharashtra and other states as well.

Agri Input Shop

To increase the production of the crop, nutrition management plays an important role in farming. To provide appropriate nutrition to crops, effective use of fertilizers and agrochemicals is needed. Fruitwala Bagayatdar provides nutrition management to farmers along with the timely availability of Agri. Input with affordable prices through ‘Fruitwala Bagayatdar Agri Input Shop’. In the future, we are planning to open our Agro Input Shop overall in Maharashtra.

Crop Advisory

While dealing with the horticultural and vegetable crops, we found the root cause of the particular crop and provide technical advisory through crop analysis, which provides the best results in farming. Farmers are taking online and on-ground training for their crops.

On-field Guidance

On-field guidance and consultancy clear all the doubts of the farmers in their farming activity. Fruitwala Bagayatdar provides On-field consultancy to the farmers for their different crops and farmers are continuously taking advantage of it.

Online Consultancy

Many times farmers are unable to get on-field consultancy from Fruitwala Bagayatdar, at that time we are providing online consultancy to the respective farmers as per the crop analysis. It will help farmers and us as well to provide real-time consultancy and save time

Think Tank

Fruitwala Bagayatdar acts as a Think Tank in agriculture crop production, as we are experts in crop production we recommended the consultancy services to the various advisors as well.

Smart Record Book

To maintain all the data regarding farming activities, initially, we develop a physical workbook for different crops. In the workbook, farmers easily maintain their data for different crops and easily understand the actual expenses and income from farming activity. As per increasing demand for the workbook from the different areas we develop a workbook in a digital form called ‘Smart Record Book’. Now farmers are maintaining their data through a digital platform and they can easily access their data at any time.