About Us

Welcome to Fruitwala Bagayatdar

We are a group of farmers that grows Healthy Natural Residue free fruits and vegetables for you.

Farming is the passion of our family. We successfully grow fruits and vegetables as per export standards. In our nation we always talk about farmer’s excessive utilization of chemical fertilizers, pesticides into the farm. Because of that food becomes Unhealthy. But it is always not right. We export farm produce to Europe,Russia, U. S., China ,Gulf countries etc. They are very cautious about food and we successfully grows fruits according to their Residue free standards.

Residue free fruits have tremendous demand in international market. Residue free food is the necessity of human being. Residue free food has great importance in modern lifestyle. Our Fruit ripening method is natural and organic which is chemical free and healthy for consumption.

Health conscious - "Eat healthy and stay active" is the only mantra which has been commonly followed by majority of the population.

Fitness - Doing everything in moderation is the key to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. It is essential to understand that consuming food that retains their nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and Fiber have many health benefits and helps the body, mind and soul hale and hearty.

Medical Purpose - Consumption of chemically treated food has always bare a high risk of diseases like leukemia, prostate cancer and lymphoma. It has been widely observed that people having food allergies or some kind of dietary restrictions, residue free products work best for them as they are avoid of any toxic sprays.

We promise to provide residue free (100% chemical free) fruits and vegetables for you on demand.


Satisfied consumer Satisfied Farmers.


Provide world best quality fruits which is healthy, Fresh delicious , nutritious, protein rich, chemical free, to each an every healthy Indians.