Smart Record Book

To maintain all the data regarding farming activities, we develop a physical workbook for different crops. In the workbook, farmers easily maintain their data for different crops and easily understand the actual expenses and income from farming activity.

A well-organized record book can be a valuable tool for farmers to track and analyze their farming activities.

We develop Smart Record books in Grape, Tomato. Pomegranate, Onion and planning many more crops.

While physical record books are useful, it’s worth considering the integration of digital tools or mobile applications for enhanced data management, analysis, and accessibility. Digital solutions can provide additional benefits such as automated calculations, data backups, and easy sharing of information.

Overall, the development of a smart record book for different crops demonstrates Fruitwala Bagayatdar’s commitment to empowering farmers with organized data management and informed decision-making, contributing to improved farming practices and outcomes.

As per increasing demand for the workbook from the different areas we develop a workbook in a digital form called ‘Smart Record Book’. Now farmers are maintaining their data through a digital platform and they can easily access their data at any time.