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Founded in 2018, Fruitwala Bagayatdar is a team of Agri-graduates who are willing to work for the farmers in Maharashtra. The founder Mr. Ganesh Nazirkar (MBA) has ten years of experience in the agriculture consultancy sector, where he is belonging to a farmer’s family having a farming experience from his childhood.

We are focusing on the horticultural and vegetable crops, as we are providing seed to market consultancy for the farmers. While dealing with the different crops, we found the root cause of the particular crop and provide technical advisory through crop analysis, which provides the best results in farming. Our trustworthy activities helped the farmer’s increase their income and farmers trustfully believe in our services.

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Our Products

In the recent years, it has been observed that health emerged as a top priority for the majority of the human population, thanks to the ever-widening sphere of technology. In today’s world, staying fit and healthy has become the need of the hour which has ultimately created the need of having a very health-friendly diet for the masses. “Eat healthy and stay active”.

Green Grapes

Grape can be eaten fresh, in salads, as a snack or as a dessert. Ultimate Taste & Quality. Thompson Seedless is most cultivated variety in India.

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Black Grapes

Black Grape variety known as Nanasaheb Purple and Sharad Seedless also have their own lovers

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These potent little packages protect your heart, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and guard against cancer.

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Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on Earth.

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This tropical fruit is refreshing, juicy and delicious, and like most fruit, it has some great nutritional benefits.

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successfully export every year to various country

We grow the fruits and vegetable as per export standard

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